Friday, 30 October 2015

29 October 2015 - Pinos Fossil Walk

We were blessed with ideal walking weather for our second U3A Thursday Explorers walk.   Clear blue skies, warm enough to be comfortable without jackets but a cool breeze.   There were seven of us for this walk, including first time for Rosie and Mike.
David led the walk and we had an early problem finding the path.   Someone has built a concrete road and buildings over what had been the start of the track.   We managed to find it on the far side of the buildings, and started uphill on the easy to follow path.
The climb took more than an hour, but we had regular water stops to admire the spectacular views of the Bernia.
David and Mike look happy to have made it to the top of the hill, and our banana stop
The ladies made for the stone seats outside the finca, the men had to make do with a stone water channel.

The banana stop seating arrangements may have left something to be desired, but there were no complaints about the view of Calpe, the Ifach and the Olta.

Having completed the climb we were now rewarded with a good wide track leading downhill to Marnes.   It was very pleasant to be able to look around at the views and not have to concentrate on where you put your feet.

David and Jan in deep conversation.  Not sure what the subject might have been, but it was getting close to lunchtime
We joined this small track from Marnes, heading towards Bernia and our lunch stop

Rosemary, Susan and Rosie make the most of a dry stone wall to take a well deserved rest and have their picnic lunch.

This is the second time this week that we visited these donkeys.  We usually stop and make a fuss of them, and they look disappointed as we file past 
But in fact Jan had brought them an apple as a snack.  She even cut it into donkey sized sections, which they seemed to find quite acceptable.
They also got some much appreciated attention from Susan.   David looks to be quite above such sentimental nonsense

Thursday 5 November 2015
Weather permitting we hope to walk from Benimaurell to Juvees de Alt.

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