Wednesday, 28 January 2015

26 January 2015 – Cocoll from Benichembla

No surprises when we do this walk, we can see it from our balcony.   Cocoll is the one on the right with the building on top.
Bright and sunny morning, but very cold as we set off from Benichembla
As soon as we leave the village its uphill straight away
The building makes it easy to identify Cocoll, and we kept catching sight of it throughout the climb

The path is quite good, and on such a bright and sunny day it was a very enjoyable walk
We had our banana stop at a ruined finca with a good selection of stones to provide reasonably seats for all
Then it was off again, up and up.   This is a long walk and it was necessary to keep the pace if we were to reach the top in time for lunch 
 It was quite a steep climb, but the pace does not seem to worry Jan too much
And eventually we reached the airstrip, just below the summit of Cocoll
The airstrip is used for fire fighting fixed wing planes and helicopters.   Last time we were here they were training, and we watched them for an hour or so.   It was all abandoned today.
Half of the group had their lunch at the airstrip, the rest of us carried on up the steep road to the summit for lunch
There is a large flat rock, which provides an excellent photo opportunity
Thanks to Peter for this photo of Jan and me
The views from the rock are pretty impressive.   The winding road in the valley is the steep road at the start of the Fig Tree walk, which we did a few weeks ago
The walk downhill to the airfield was much easier than walking up, and the good surface allowed us to look around and enjoy the views.
We did a large extension on the way back, which gave us the opportunity to cross some difficult terrain and appreciate how nice it is to be on a track
We rejoined the same track we came up, and followed it back to the village.   It took six and a half hours, which is longer than our regular walks

2 February 2015
Next Monday will be a walk from Pinos around the lower slopes of Bernia.    Meet at the bridge just after Pinos at 10am.