Friday, 18 December 2015

17 December 2015 – Lliber to Senija

This was our last Thursday walk before the Christmas break.   We decided to do this relatively easy walk and to have our lunch break at the Cross above Senija.
Unlike the Monday walk, we never know how many walkers are going to turn up for the U3A walk.   Being so close to Christmas we did think numbers would be low, so we were very pleasantly surprised to have a total of eleven on the walk.
We arranged to meet Dee and Helen in Parcent, so that they could follow us to the start point in Lliber car park.   Due to a mix up we were late arriving in Lliber.   Dave and Sue had joined us for this walk, so no doubt I will be reminded that I was late for my own walk for quite some time to come.
We were looking forward to this walk.   We had to cancel last Thursday due to bad weather.   We had to miss Monday walk due to a hospital appointment.   So we were really pleased that we had such a lovely day for today’s walk.
Although the composition of the group changes each week, we always try to find out who will be walking the following week.   This week we expected there might be as few as four of us.   But by Wednesday we were expecting at least six, perhaps due to the excellent weather.
Peter brought along Rita, who had not walked with us before.  She is Dutch, so it was fortunate that Anneke had also brought her husband for the first time.  As a result there were three Dutch walkers in the group.
A chance meeting with Dave and Sue on Wednesday prompted them to join us.   They should have been preparing for their Christmas walking group, who arrive on Sunday.  But were pleased that they were tempted to join our group instead.
Dee wanted to join the walk, but she also had to be back in time to get ready for a Christmas drinks party by 5pm.   I always think of this as an easy, and quite short, walk.   So I promised that we would be back within four hours.   Due to the late start, and a longer than usual banana and lunch break, I would not be able to keep that promise.
As we neared the Cross we heard dogs and soon spotted two Spanish hunters.   Fortunately, and unusually, they were not using firearms.   The dogs were trained to catch rabbits, and we were greeted by one trotting past with a large one in his mouth and looking very pleased with himself.   One of the two hunters spoke very good English and was happy to explain the whole thing to us.
Due to our late start it was about 12.30 when we reached the Cross, and settled down for our picnic lunch.   It proved to be longer than usual.  This was partly because it was very pleasant sitting in the sun enjoying the view.   It was also because David kept us amused with his endless supply of jokes.
It was 3pm by the time we returned to Lliber, an hour later than expected.  Dee had to miss the drink in the square in order to get home and prepare for her drinks party at 5pm.   The rest of us had a very pleasant after walk drink.
This was the eighth walk of our Thursday Explorers group.    There should have been ten, but two were cancelled because of rain.  We were fortunate to have excellent walking weather for the rest.  There is too much good weather here in Spain to waste a good walk on wet and windy conditions.   We are very pleased that the group has had such a good start, and that we have made so many new friends.   We wish them all a very Happy Christmas and good walking in the New Year.

The next walk will be on14 January 2016.   I will send out an email with details in the New Year.  New members are welcome, just drop me an email and I will send details.