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22 October 2015 – Denia to Javea Windmills

After three days of constant rain we decided to cancel the planned U3A Green Horse walk.   Although Thursday was forecast to be clear and sunny, we considered that it would be too wet, muddy and slippery for hill walking.   Instead we offered this linear walk along Los Rotas followed by Cabo San Antonio to the windmills above Javea.   We notified the four walkers who were expected to do the Green Horse walk, but unfortunately all opted not to do this alternative.   However having missed our Monday walk, and spent three days indoors looking at grey skies, we decided to do it anyway.  And it turned out to be a very enjoyable walk
We noticed these two very unusual dogs, not a bark between them.   They looked more like the grumpy old men from the Muppet Show.
Instead of walking up the road to the tower, we took the track on the opposite side of the valley towards the abandoned urbanisation.  We had to climb just as much, but it was easier going on the reasonably dry track, rather than the concrete road.
We first visited this abandoned housing project nine years ago, and we never cease to be struck by what a shame it was to be abandoned.  I understand that it was an illegal build, but it’s actually more of an eye sore abandoned than had it been finished.
You can see what wonderful views they would have had from this area
The buildings have been turned into a colourful art gallery, which is an improvement on the previous bare walls

When we first visited some of the buildings were almost complete.  They had been tiled and wired for lighting.   All have now been vandalised and are empty shells
After a short water stop we made our way across the open heathland to the Windmills.   Much of the damage from the fire last year has been covered by new undergrowth, and many of the fire damaged trees have been cut down.
We arrived just before 1pm and found a sheltered spot for our picnic lunch.   It was warm and sunny, but the wind was quite cool.   
The picnic spot at the Windmills is the highlight of this walk, with its beautiful views over Javea and the coast beyond
We have often admired the very individual buildings which you find on the Cabo San Antonio, and this must be one of the most impressive.   Very much a “new age” looking house it must surely have had a very imaginative owner.
The difference since our last visit, before the fire, was very striking.   The whole area was now open and offered wide views.   There were still a few fire damaged trees, but most have been cleared.
The cairns were hardly necessary now, as you could see from one side to the other.   Someone has spent a lot of time buildings new cairns, or perhaps they have just been hidden by the dense undergrowth in the past.   Jan felt the need to add to this monster cairn.
Returning on the opposite side of the valley we had this excellent view of the whole of the abandoned urbanisation.   What a terrible waste of money, and no doubt many dreams and hopes of those who had bought “off plan”.
We soon reached the tower, where we had a short water stop to admire the views along the coast
It’s a long walk back to the marina, and we often stop at this rustic bar.  It’s about the only one where you can get a coffee and do not have to have a meal, and it’s always very busy.
Finally the closest we could get to a “group photo” today.  It’s a shame that there has been so little interest in the Thursday Explorers but hopefully numbers will gradually increase.

David and Rosemary are back from Portugal next week, and we plan to tackle his “Fossil Walk” from Pinos to Marnes.  

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