Friday, 6 November 2015

5 November 2015 – Juvees de Alt

What a relief to have such good walking weather, especially as Monday’s walk was cancelled due to heavy rain.  That is the advantage of winter here in Spain.  It may rain, but it rarely lasts for long.

David led today’s walk – again.   We are making use of his fund of walks before he and Rosemary return to the UK in a few weeks.
The walk started with a winding descent into the valley, following a very good mosarabic path
And, of course, what goes down very soon starts to go up again.   But fortunately most of the ascents today are quite gradual.
After a couple of hours we were all ready for a nice banana stop.   Though for once not a single banana in sight.   In fact this was at the end of the brief halt, and we were about to continue the climb to the village.
Jan and Susan inspect a picturesque old well.   In fact they are searching for a suitable rock to drop in the well to see if there was water at the bottom – and there was
Meanwhile David, Rosemary, Rosie and Peter admire the views……

……including the entrance to the Baranco Inferno, or is it the exit?

And finally on to the deserted village, which is called Juvees de Alt.  Over the years we have noticed ongoing renovation and repair, though never actually seen anyone working on it.
Then it’s the long winding road with its gradual, and sometimes not so gradual, ascent.   On a hot day this can be quite a challenge, but today was sunny but cool.   And with everyone walking at their own pace it was too difficult
Just after 1pm we reached our picnic spot.   David choose one that we had used many times before.
Peter demonstrates how serious a nice picnic snack can be, and how enjoyable after a long morning’s walk
And where could you find a more suitable location with the best of views available
On the long, winding and apparently never ending track it is easy to forget just how impressive are the surroundings.   But this photo shows just what a spectacular area this is
The track back down to Benimaurell is an old favourite....
……with constantly changing views to the village and the coast beyond

12 November 2015
Next week we hope to do The Dead Dog, a much shorter walk than today.  

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