Saturday, 16 January 2016

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Christmas in Rothbury

Once more we spent Christmas and New Year with Stuart, Michelle and family at Rothbury in Northumberland.   The weather throughout the north of England was very wet with a lot of flooding.   Our local river burst its banks whilst we were there, but not sufficient flooding to cause any serious damage.
We were very pleased to act as baby sitter for the children, and particularly Chloe.   Jan was present for the birth, but this was the first time I saw her.
Michelle looks forward to opening the presents on Christmas morning just as much as the children.   There were large stacks of presents and everyone was up bright and early for the traditional opening.   
Georgia loves opening the presents, and it does not matter too much who they belong to.   She did quite well this year, because a few of Chloe’s present were too old for a five month old.  Georgia has offered to look after them for her until she is old enough to play with them.
We see the family twice a year, and it is very difficult to keep up with what type of toys they are currently interested in.   Until recently Jack has been fascinated by Mine Craft, but this Christmas it is suddenly Star Wars.  He received a computer game, which kept him occupied from Christmas through to the New Year.  Both Jan and I had to attend for a detailed instruction session.   Half was through her lesson Jan was dismissed, because one of Jack’s friends had arrived to play against  him on the computer.
But the centre of attention was Chloe.   She is a very happy baby, always smiling and loves being played with.   Stuart throws her all over the place, and the rougher the more she likes it.
She particularly likes this contraption, which allows her to “stand” and jump up and down.    Most day’s we made time to watch her entertain herself, it was far more enjoyable than the Christmas TV.
This one was taken on New Year’s Day, after (for us) a late night celebrating the New Year.   You can see that everyone is feeling quite mellow and weary.   It was a lovely holiday, and we were sorry to leave them all.   We were not so sorry to leave the wet and grey weather and return to sunny Spain.