Friday, 16 October 2015

15 October 2015 – Castell de Castells Rock Arches

This was the first meeting of our new U3A Thursday Explorers walking group.  We were disappointed that only two new members were able to join this walk, but with David and Rosemary it make a respectable group of six.
We were fortunate to have ideal walking weather.   Clear blue skies and a light wind to keep us from overheating.   I had promised an easy ascent, forgetting that there is one section which involves a steady road climb.   Rosemary was quick to point out my oversight.   We were all very pleased to reach the first banana stop. 

We tried to work out the paths we had followed from Castells on the map, but could not find them.   Looked like a pretty typical Spanish map to me.   Apparently very clear and comprehensive, until you try to follow the path you have just walked

The path up to the arches is also a little steeper than I had remembered, but we all managed ok.

And it was well worth it when we finally reached the impressive double arch
There is quite a good path right up to the arch, and the views back towards Castells are pretty impressive.

And it also provides an ideal setting for a group photo of the first walk of the Thursday Explorers.
As always the path downhill presents more of a challenge than going uphill.   This photo is a good example of why we recommend taking a stick
We were fortunate to find a good spot for our picnic lunch.   Although an open area it was sheltered from the cool wind, and made a very pleasant location for our half hour break
The return to Castells was an easy downhill walk on good tracks
We had planned the after walk drink at Bon Aire in Benichembla, but apparently they close on Thursdays.   However the Cooperativea in Parcent was a very acceptable alternative for our well deserved cold drink.

Thursday 22 October 2015
We hope to do The Green Horse next week, one of my favourite walks.   David and Rosemary will be in Portugal on the U3A coach trip, but hopefully we may have one or two more new walkers to join the group.  Email me for further details at

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