Wednesday, 14 October 2015

12 October 2015 – Dead Dog Extension

This was a new walk for most of us, even the meeting parking place was new.   Despite that twelve turned up, and all found the parking area ok.
We were pleased to see David and Rosemary, returned after their summer break in the UK.   And especially pleased to see Margret, who has not walked with us for a few months.
The walk started at a gentle pace along the side of a barranco, but it was not long before the path gave way to a little cross country.
And it was not long before David was offering a hand to any (female) who needed it.
We had been warned that the walk would include a barranco, but not how overgrown and difficult it would be
It was hot work, and we appreciated the short break
The difficult terrain resulted in a slow pace, so everyone was able to keep up
Lunch was late, and very welcome.   Not many smiling faces as everyone enjoyed just sitting down and not moving
It was a short lunch break, because we still had a long way to go
But we did take time to appreciate the flowers that were looking very happy after the recent heavy rain.
We still had a cross country section before we reached Marnes.
Then it was a relatively flat and open section with lovely all around views

Pat had warned us that it would be a long walk, and she did not lie.   It was gone 5pm when we reached the cars, a walk of seven hours.

Monday 19 October 2015
Pinos to Bernia circular walk.  Drive through Pinos and park on the right just after the first bridge.   Start walking at 10am

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