Wednesday, 11 November 2015

9 November 2015 – Tossal del Moro

This is the same walk that was cancelled last Monday due to heavy rain.   Today we had bright sun, and a larger than normal group.   There were 13 of us, but nothing unlucky about the weather.
Our usual walk from Gata involves climbing Soldates, so Tossal del Moro was much less of a challenge.   The first part of the walk is the same for both walks, including a gently walk along the dry river bed.
It’s always surprising how quickly you leave the built up area behind, and also how much elevation you gain without any great effort.
Pat, Peter and Sue have just returned from some really serious mountain walking in the Barcelona, and this was a gentle walk by comparison
We soon reached the path leading to Soldates and had a water break.   The path looked pretty steep from this location, and we were all quite pleased to be doing the easier alternative this time.
It was not long before we reached Tossal del Moro, and realised that it might not be as steep as Soldates, but it was still a climb.

It seemed quite easy at the start.....
....but it got more of a challenge as we neared the top

The views from the top make it all worthwhile, and we had a short break to recover from the climb and to admire the views.

Not sure what David is explaining to Peter, it looks like a fisherman’s tale about “the one who got away”.
The path back down is much easier than Soldates, at least at the start.   It does get a little more difficult later on.
I had thought that this was a relatively short walk, but in fact it was 3.15 by the time we got back to Gata.  So in fact it was a little longer than usual.

Monday 16 November
Next week will be Olta Summit.   Meet at the camping site car park at 10am.

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