Monday, 6 April 2015

6 April 2015 – Parcent to Murla

Paul has had a lot of trouble with his left ankle, which has forced us to miss our regular Monday walks.   A lot of rest, and visits to two podiatrists has solved the problem.   Apparently it was something called plantar fasciitis.  It’s a form of tendonitis common to walkers and runners.

It took two weeks treatment to be able to wear normal shoes again.   After a further two weeks exercise I can now wear my walking boots.   But this was to be the first real test.

The walk from Parcent to Murla is flat, though includes some rough terrain.   Ideal to put both my ankle and my boots to the test.

We extended the walk by a detour along the dry river to the abandoned restaurant, which is looking more derelict each time we visit.

Then to Murla, which was unusually busy.   It was Easter Sunday, and the bar was packed with Spanish family groups.

The new bell tower is finally taking shape.   It does not appear to be completely finished, but both the tower and the new surrounding plaza are open.   It was quite a centre of attraction, despite being particularly unattractive and looking out of place against the lovely old church.

We left the people and noise behind and made our way towards Orba Castle.  

 My ankle was doing well, and no problems with my boots.   But we decided against climbing to the castle and opted for our picnic at the bottom of the hill.

We were impressed with the views, which were almost as good as from the castle itself.   Mind we did not have the satisfaction of the climb, which makes the view all the more enjoyable.

Our first walk in four weeks was a success.   No ankle pain and my boots were comfortable.   The first podiatrist suggested that I not use them again, even though they were brand new and quite expensive.   But the second one thought it would be ok, and that they may have contributed but were not the real problem.   He appears to have been right.   We are now looking forward to another couple of easy walks and then back to our regular walking with the Monday group.

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