Sunday, 26 April 2015

23 April 2015 – The Green Horse

We met David, Rosemary, Mick and Pat at Benimaurell for our favourite walk.   This was to be the first “real walk” since my ankle problem.   It is a steep climb up from the village, and the going on top is quite rough.
As soon as you leave the village you start to climb, and we were all out of breath within ten minutes.   None of us has done any strenuous walking for some weeks.
This is not typical of the path!   I had not noticed these steps before, and they do not continue for long.   But they make a nice photo with the coast as a background.
We set a slow pace for the climb, and took frequent short stops to recover.   Not that any of them seem to be having any problems in this photo.
It took us about an hour to reach the top, and our banana stop.   The view from here alone makes the climb worthwhile.   And from now on the ever changing views are a delight.

Jan leads the way for the short scramble to join the quite hard to find path
The going is quite rough and broken, but we took frequent stops to enjoy the view.   Today was for enjoyment, not a race.

We stopped for lunch at our usual spot.   Lots of flat rocks to sit on sheltered from the light wind and superb views all make for a very pleasant picnic site.
It took us just over four hours to complete the walk and reach the bar for a well deserved cold drink.

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