Wednesday, 22 April 2015

20 April 2015 – Javea Circular

Another walk from Javea port, same starting point as last week.  But a completely different type of walk, and a new one to us.   This was a 14km circular walk led by Margret.

After a short walk through the port area we joined the path along the river, and soon left the town behind.

Throughout this part of the walk we had good views of Montgo, and particularly the “elephant’s eye”.   We do not often see it from this angle, making the familiar mountain look quite different.

Pat and Mick joined us for the walk, and it was nice to see them again.  They are out for a short holiday, and this walk was very suitable for them.   It gave Pat a good opportunity to try out her new camera.
This compound with sheep and goats was a lot cleaner than it looks on the photo.   It seemed to be an animal maternity ward, with a large selection of very young goats.
Margret found us a very pleasant spot for our banana break.   Lots of room for everyone to sit and spread out.   Managed to get this one before Jan got her banana out, as we have quite a large collection of her eating a wide range of bananas.
It was a hard surface from here on, which is a mixed blessing.   It’s nice to be able to look around and enjoy the view, without having to watch where you place every step.  But it’s quite hard on your feet walking on such a hard surface.
Margret also did well to find us such a pleasant lunch stop.   Again lots of seating, and even shade.   Out of sight to the left of the photo was a retirement/care home, which came in for a lot of comment.   At our age such places take on a more personal interest.
Our usual bar in the harbour was closed, but we soon found a good alternative.   Lovely view of the sea, but quite expensive soft drinks.   We felt we had been charged tourist prices, and they might well have missed out on a return visit.
Monday 27 April 2015
Next week will be our old favourite Bolulla Castle.   Meet at Kilometer 7 at 10am.

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