Sunday, 10 May 2015

9 May 2015 – Lliber to Senija

This was our first walk with the CBMW this year.   It was a new walk to us, and we were looking forward to finding an alternative route for our regular walk between Lliber and Senija.
It was a very hot day and we were not surprised to find a large group of walkers for this relatively easy CBMW walk.   There was a little climbing at the start, but would then level out.
Rosemary and David joined us for the walk, and David suggested that it might be suitable for one of our Monday walks.   Particularly at this time of year when our regular walks were more challenging due to the higher temperatures.
 This was a short three hour walk, so there would be no picnic stop.  Instead they had offered a meal after the walk.   But there was, of course, a banana and water break.
We were walking a little higher than normal between the two villages, and were rewarded by excellent views of the mountains surrounding the Jalon Valley.
After our banana break it was downhill to Senija.   We had done this part of the walk many times before and were familiar with the rest of the route.
The path is broken with a lot of loose rocks, so it is necessary to watch where you are putting your feet.  But it’s open enough to be able to look around a little as well.   
There was a suggestion that we might stop for a cold drink in Senija.   But that idea was abandoned when we reached the village and found that the centre was closed for bull running.   There were also a number of street parties in progress.
The closure of the centre of the village forced us to find a way around the closed areas and we passed through streets that we had not seen before.   Nice happy feel to the whole place with the Spanish determined to enjoy their fiesta.
The route back to Lliber was open and without shade, and everyone was soon feeling the heat.   Not much complaining, but a quiet and determined approach to the last mile or so.   Lovely and enjoyable walk and a welcome alternative to our walking options.   But it is getting a little too hot to tackle an eleven kilometer walk, even if there is not the usual mountain included.

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