Wednesday, 13 May 2015

11 May 2015 – Granadella

Another very hot day, but fortunately today’s walk is on the coast and we were fortunate to have a strong and cool breeze for most of the walk.
There was a suggestion that we might take the shorter route and avoid the climb over the headland.   Fortunately this was not taken up, as the headland and fort is the most impressive part of the walk.
Ken and Tom take a short break before we tackle the climb over the headland
There is no real track here but it is easy to follow the well trodden route over the rocks, which are discoloured by many walking boots.
Another short break to enjoy the view and get our breath back before we start the climb down to the fort.
As we near the romantic ruins of the Napoleonic coastal fort we join the path which we will follow to Granadella beach.
Ken reads the new(ish) information post which explains the history of the fort and the wild life to be found in the area.
Pat, David and Rosemary enjoy the view during our short banana break.   Our visit to the fort is the highlight of the walk for me.
The coastal path is not really a path at all.   It is pretty rough going, but fortunately there are chains to help over the more difficult parts.
It is possible to bypass this ledge, but we have done it many times and it is part of the experience of this lovely walk.
As we near the mirador overlooking Granadella beach we first have to climb over this impressive headland.   The climb is made easier by a series of steps and these wooden hand rails.
The breeze is particularly welcome during this steep climb, though Jan has had to use her scarf to tie her hat against the wind.   She always has a lot of trouble finding hats which fit, and did not want to risk it blowing off.
Despite the steps and hand rail the climb is pretty taxing on such a hot day.
But the view of Granadella beach from the mirador makes it all worth while.   And the strong wind cools us down ready for the descent to the bay.
The return journey is inland and very hot without the sea breeze.   However without the strong wind Pat and Jan can make use of their summer parasols.

Monday 18 May 2015
Another very hot day is forecast, so we all agreed that a less taxing walk was in order.    Meet in the Lliber car park at 10am for the walk to Senija we discovered with the CBMW last Saturday.

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