Saturday, 7 March 2015

21 February 2015 – Mojacar

Our hotel was on the coast at Mojacar Playa.   The hotel was a collection of apartments, rather than normal hotel rooms.   Each with a little balcony, and comfortable.   Excellent food and very friendly and helpful staff.  Much better than we had expected.

We had free time until 3pm and like most of the group we made our way to the old town.   Its quite a long way from the hotel, and up a very steep hill.   But fortunately there is a regular bus between the playa and the village.   Even more fortunate we all managed to get on the bus ok. 

Mojacar is a typical Andalusian “white village”, a maze of narrow streets which make it appear much larger than it really is.   Packed with visitors, even at this time of year.  But very attractive and with a lot of charm despite the tourists.

David and Rosemary were kind enough to walk at our extremely slow pace, due to my damaged ankle which reduced my speed to a slow hobble

We even paid a visit to the church, which is impressive in its very simplicity.   Simple white, like all the other buildings.   And a welcome opportunity to sit for a while to admire the altar (and rest my ankle)

All roads lead back to the main square, and it did not take us very long to experience our fill of narrow lanes and balconies full of flowers

As we arrived back in the square we saw this colourful duo of Spanish bandits.   We were particularly surprised to hear them speaking excellent English.  In fact both are English born and were waiting to take part in a carnival parade.   It was due to start at 1pm, and we settled on the steps in the square to watch it.  However it was delayed for some unknown reason and we had to leave before it started.

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