Monday, 2 March 2015

20 February 2015 – Cartagena

Cartagena was the first stop on our four day coach trip with the U3A.   We have visited this lovely city twice before, but we were pleased to be able to spent some more time there.
The coach dropped us off just beside the town hall, which was just as well because I have had a very painful ankle for two weeks or so, and this was the first time I have had a pair of shoes on for almost a week.
A painful ankle is my excuse for making straight to the nearest café for a coffee to warm up.  Not sure that Jan, David and Rosemary needed an excuse.   The coffee cost 1.50 euro each, cheaper than David´s 2.50 per cup back in November 2009

We left David and Rosemary to explore the city at their own pace.   We set off much slower and found this much photographed statute.
We also found one for me, but with a seat where I could rest my ankle 
We then made our way, very slowly, to the harbour area
Where there was another suitable photo opportunity for Jan 

And another seat for me,  where I could apply Ibufen gel to my ankle
And this is the “famous” café where David was charged 10 euro for four cups of coffee back in 2009.   I took this photo so that he would have a reminder.   Not that he needs reminding, as I always remind him each time anyone mentions Cartagena.

Despite my ankle it was nice to  see some of the sights of Cartagena again, including the lovely Roman ruins with the impressive background of the bay and mountains.

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