Thursday, 12 February 2015

9 February 2015 – Olta Circuit

The morning started cold and wet, and we almost decided not to walk.  However when we arrived at Lleus the rain had stopped.  It was still cold and overcast, but not bad enough to cancel.
Walking was difficult, as I had blisters on the heel of both feet.  I had worn my new boots last Friday without “wearing them in”, and the result was two painful blisters.   But having missed last Monday’s walk I did not want to miss it again this week
We were surprised to find that the almond blossoms were in full bloom, unlike the Jalon valley where they are very late this year.   In fact the annual charity walk in the valley has been postponed for two weeks due to the weather and lack of blossom.
Half way through the walk we found that the regular track had been closed because a large finca had been refurbished and the owner had closed the path.   Fortunately we found a detour around it, resulting in an unusual banana stop.
We had our picnic at the Ermita.   The views were impressive as ever, but it was bitterly cold.   So it was a shorter than normal break.

The overcast grey skies continued throughout the walk, unlike the clear blue skies we are used to.   The result was that many of the views looked much different than normal.   The surrounding mountains looked quite threatening.
Monday 16 February 2015
Campell from Tormos.    Meet at the car park opposite Bar Tormos at 10am

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