Sunday, 8 February 2015

6 February 2014 – Benimeli Aerials

After a week of cancelled walks due to either Pauls “man flu” or heavy rain, at last we were blessed with good weather for this ever popular walk.
We thought we were walking with David, Rosemary and Margret, but were pleasantly surprised when four of Margret’s friends joined us.   They had not done this walk before, and it was nice to be able to introduce them to it.
Despite having done this walk many, many times, we are always impressed with the lovely views of the valley which provide a good excuse to take a break during the initial climb.
Though sunny, it was also very cold.   The first part of the walk is shaded, and we had to keep moving to warm up.
We managed to find a sheltered spot for a short break, and then tackled the second part of the climb.  This is in the sun, and was much warmer.   Though no one needed to remove any clothing, as often happens during this part of the walk.
We were fortunate that there was not much wind when we reached the top, and we were able to find our own sun traps to have an early lunch.  

We were back in the village within four hours, and had plenty of time for a pleasant drink in the square to finish off a very enjoyable walk.

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