Thursday, 8 January 2015

5 January 2015 – The Fig Tree

It was 2c when we started the walk, which is very cold to us here in Spain.  We completed the hill climb to the finca in record time, and completed it without a rest for the first time I can remember.  By the time we reached the finca the sun was quite warm and we removed our first layer of clothing
It was a good turnout for our first walk of 2015, and we were all delighted to get out in the fresh air after two weeks of too much food and drink (some more than others!)
Having recovered at the finca we were ready to leave the good road and continue to climb uphill over broken ground following the well placed cairns.
The heather looked very colourful and attractive in the bright sun shine
It was not long before our first banana stop of the New Year.   I was determined to get a photo without anyone munching on a banana, but had to settle for Ken munching.
Pat managed to find a new spot for our picnic lunch.   We had to fight our way through some thick undergrowth, but the view was well worth it.   For once there was no wind, and it was quite a sun trap
It looks like Pat is having a “Sound of Music” moment
Meanwhile Jan tackles the serious business of preparing our tea and coffee, complete with containers of fresh milk, coffee and tea bags and sugar.
Most of the return journey is either level or downhill, with the road running along the hill in front of us.
But there is one last steep hill, which Peter described as “the sting in the tail”
Mike seems to find the hill easy going, with Sylvia and Ken keeping up without any apparent problem.
It was a lovely walk, and after a cold start the weather was ideal for walking.   We all agreed it was an ideal way to start the New Year.
12 January 2015
Next week will be Gata to Soldates.   Meet in the car park near the post office in Gata at 10am.

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